The Urban Grocery Delivery System (UGDS) provides a cost effective way to start your own grocery delivery business.  Our system provides a complete shopping cart, order fulfillment and invoicing system for a low monthly fee.  The UGDS is provided on a SAAS (software as a service) platform; you can access the UGDS anywhere, anytime on any internet connected device
(We recommend a minimum device size of 11 inch screen with a keyboard, such as Chromebook).  The UGDS supports online, telephone and fax ordering.

Need help setting up your grocery delivery business?  Urban Grocery provides consulting and set up services.  Call Richard Urban at 202-544-5081 for more information.

Urban Grocery Delivery System Features: 

  • Set up your own database for the primary store where you will shop, using our database of 66,000 items, with 7000 large and small item images included.   Add as many items as you want.
  • Organize, update and add items to the product database instantly from any internet connected computer.
  • Online orders can be immediately fulfilled from any internet connected device, or pick lists can be printed out.  Pick lists are arranged in store aisle order for quick and efficient fulfillment. 
  • Invoices can be generated immediately for emailing or printed out. 
  • Entering telephone or fax orders is also supported.
  • The Urban Grocery Delivery System supports multiple delivery rates and easy markup of products overall, by section, by category using percentage or fixed markups.  You can also markup items individually.
  • Customers can log in to your shopping cart and order from a list of their previously ordered items .
  • Use up to seven different coupon codes to give promotional discounts by percent or a fixed amount.
  • Track customer contacts and sales data.
  • Create and email or print customized follow up letters for customers.
  • Set up your own website at using our easy to use templates.
  • Optional Google Analytics support is available.
  • Includes your complete website and shopping cart for just $89 per month plus $1 per online order.
  • Why settle for a blank order form with no shopping cart from some other company when you can get a complete shopping cart, order fulfillment and invoicing system from Urban Grocery for just $89 per month plus $1 per online order?
  • We support the UGDS with free telephone and email support.
  • Click here to see the UGDS Shopping Cart.


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    Order the Urban Grocery Delivery System

    One month of the Urban Grocery Delivery System service:  $89.

    Set up fee (one time)  $99.

    Domain name registration-One Year: $20

    Set up Google Analytics -one time fee  $29

    Recurring Fees:
    $89 per month plus $1 per online order received.

    Please email us if you have questions or need more information, or call 202-544-5081.